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Puerto Rican Elf | Plush Toy + Book set | Jibarito de la Cajita


Share the beautiful traditions and values of Puerto Rican culture with a heartfelt story unique to the island. The Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set comes with a story book that encourages children to be compassionate and kind, as well as the soft jibarito plush toy that can accompany children after story-time is done. Give the Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set to a young one to celebrate their Puerto Rican heritage.

Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set:
A sweet story for the whole family!
Comes with one story book and plush toy
For ages 3 and up
14" Plush Toy
8.75" x 8.75" full-color hardcover book
32 Pages
Text is in Spanish
Johnmichael Colón
The plush is beautiful and the story is very special. I am glad that Puerto Rico has its own Elf !
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