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Moroccan Mint


Moroccan Mint is a popular blend of Gunpowder green tea and mint. A traditional Moroccan drink considered a symbol of hospitality and friendship. It’s a refreshing mixture where no flavor is overpowering, resulting in a perfect combination with balanced body. The “Moruno tea” as some call it, is ideal for hot days. In the cup it presents an amber color, with a balanced aroma and flavor on the palate. Amount: 56 grams / 2 oz (approx. 28 cups / 2 grams each).

Green tea and peppermint.

Caffeine Level:
☕ ☕ Medium-Low (16-25mg).

Leaf to Water Ratio- 1 tsp per 8oz.
Water Temperature- 175°-185°F.
Steep Time- 2-3 minutes.

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