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Quique Talavera Bundle CD+Book


Learn about the musical history of Puerto Rico while you are transported in a time machine with the music of Quique Talaveras and his Friends.

This set includes the book METAMORPHOSIS MUSICAL DE PUERTO RICO, which contains 400 photographs in 300 pages and a lot of information about the golden age of music in Puerto Rico. When the island was the Entertainment Center of the Caribbean: hotels, nightclubs, recording studios, jingles, Cuba and Puerto Rico in the diaspora, radio, television, song festivals, jazz, classical music, musicians union, directors, producers, arrangers, the big three -Puente, Rodríguez, Machito, the 21st century and the urban genre.

It also includes the CD QUIQUE TALAVERA Y SUS AMIGOS, which contains (11) songs and (3) potpurrís in 79 minutes of music. With the participation of: Alex D'Castro, Amor de Jesús, Andy Montañez, Camerata Coral, Caribbean Tenors, Celenia Sánchez-Mata, Choco Orta, Chucho Avellanet, Danny Rivera, Domingo Quiñones, Ed Calle, Edward Delgado, El Topo, Elba Robles, Fidel Osorio, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José R. Negroni, Juan José JUANCHI Hernández, Luis PERICO Ortiz, Michelle Brava, Nahyra, Pedro Brull, Pichie Pérez, Raymond Torres-Santos, Ricardo Jesús Ramírez, Titi Rodríguez and Willito Otero. The production is backed by a large orchestra of (4) trumpets, (4) trombones, (5) saxophones, (4) choirs, piano, bass, drums, guitar, and full percussion. In the variety of musical genres we will find ballads, bolero, rock, cha-cha, salsa, jazz, salsa, merengue, reggaeton, flamenco, reggae and dance.

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