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Try It Self Care Box | De Hojas


Gift set includes:

1 scented candle
3 fresh goat milk soaps
1 face scrub
1 body oil
1 lip balm
1 Body Spritz
1 box of matches

Product Details:
-Soy candle, aroma of roses.
-Saponified soaps made from fresh goat's milk with aromas of lavender, almonds, and lemon verbena. 3 units, .95 oz each.
-Face scrub with fresh goat's milk, pumpkin and parsley. .60 oz.
-Body oil for after the bath. With calendula and chamomile infusion. 1 ounce
-Lip balm “Apple Cunks”, of beeswax, Shea Butter and coconut oil. .25 oz
-Body Spritz. Rose scent. Without alcohol. .35 oz

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