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Bayamón is a versatile city. It exhibits a brilliant historical background that links it to the insular economic development since the time of the conquest. The original mining economy soon became agricultural and extended its validity for more than four centuries. During the 20th century, it changed to the current industrial-commercial and services that, still in force, today is strengthened by the implementation of new resources that science provides in the areas of: security, administration, health, education and business. Bayamón stands out for an open inclination to technological implementation that its residents enjoy and in which they contribute to develop. Its broad tax base and its privileged geographical location make it the most reliable and ideal constituency for the settlement of the most demanding entrepreneurs. The City of Sciences strongly promotes commercial progress, sports activity, the establishment of high values, the continuous expansion of the gastronomic-tourist sector and artistic-cultural preservation. Bayamón is today an example of correct public administration that (in a systematic way) has as North social justice, protection of the environment and the common good of the second highest population of the island.