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Universidad de Puerto Rico en Bayamón
The University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón (UPRB) was inaugurated on August 15, 1971 with the name of Regional College of Bayamón, by virtue of the University Law of 1966. However, the academic activities of the College began on August 30 of the same year. The University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón is the third institution in the public higher education system with the largest student population. It offers a variety of degrees at the high school level, associate degrees, and transfer programs. For specific details regarding the academic offerings, refer to the section on academic departments and programs. The mission, vision and goals of the UPRB as an educational institution lie mainly in facilitating students' acquisition and development of knowledge through the arts, sciences and technology, in a way that results in lasting learning experiences. and meaningful and that allow our graduates to contribute successfully to Puerto Rico and the world in the context in which they live.