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Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey
The University of Puerto Rico at Cayey is an autonomous unit of the University of Puerto Rico. Founded in 1967 as a regional school in the headquarters of a former military camp, it became a university college in 1969 and acquired autonomy on April 2, 1982 by resolution of the Higher Education Council. The mission of UPR-Cayey is established in commitment to the fundamental values ​​of the University and from the mission of the University of Puerto Rico as a public institution of higher education. The variety of academic backgrounds of its faculty provides richness and diversity to the educational experience, the natural beauty of its surroundings and its location, both near and far from the main metropolitan areas, fosters a welcoming academic environment, which invites study, reflection and personal development. Ours is a school on a human scale and with human quality. Quality is more important to us than quantity. Nestled between the mountains of the center-east, the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey, in addition to being the most beautiful university campus in the country, is the only institution of higher studies in Puerto Rico where the disciplines of the arts, the science, pedagogy, and business administration in what has traditionally been known as a liberal arts college. Guided by the principle that all the members of our university community are essentially students and that we can all be teachers, the UPR-Cayey promotes the excellence of its programs in content and pedagogical methodologies focused on research. community service, and interdisciplinarity.